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Electronic Manufacturing Services

When you select American Precision Electronics,
You acquire a manufacturing partner!
PCB Assembly - Manufacturability Analysis - Fulfillments

At APE, we keep up with technological advances. This helps us improve quality, reliability and lead times on your assemblies.

As examples, American Precision Electronics:

  • has 2 SMT assembly lines

  • has separate leaded and lead-free wave solder lines

  • has provided complete RoHS compliance since 2004

  • offers Teradyne In-Circuit Testing (ICT), automated optical inspection (AOI), and conformal coating

  • offers in-circuit programming and functional testing of electronic assemblies

  • has equipment to selectively solder components

  • provides guidance for improving the manufacture of your assemblies.


We manufacture a wide array of printed circuit board assemblies - from simple to complex (down to 0201 packages) - for a wide range of industries including the aerospace, military, commercial, medical, industrial and telecom markets.

If your PCB assembly has components that are surface-mounted, through-hole, or both, American Precision Electronics should be your electronics manufacturing partner.

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